I’m siting on my deck just thinking of You. The sun has just started to go down and the breeze is cool, clean and refreshing and makes me feel good all over. You’re in the setting sun, the cool breeze on my skin, the fresh, clean mountain air that blows. I think of You, bask in Your presence and all my troubles escape. You have the ability to do that. Only You. I don’t have to go far to find You. Your presence is everywhere. How I love thee!

Bliss, that’s the word that best describes my feelings of these moments with You.

Bliss is the smile on the inside, the smile my heart gives, contentment, peace, serenity and unspeakable joy that comes from Your presence. Bliss. Pure, pure, bliss. I cherish these moments. I feel like a child just retreating to this place to be with You. And I’m excited to find You already here. Waiting for me, longing for my company as I long for Your presence.

 You Word is so true, if I seek you I will find You. I don’t need to travel to the East to seek You out or consult some strange mystic in a foreign land. I need no rituals or peculiar traditions to find You, because You meet me here, You’re already here! Here in our special place , the place where I just relax and melt in Your presence and bask in Your love, Your astounding awesomeness and unfailing grace. The special place where I can feel You releasing strength to me, causing my spirit to soar. This special place where I can hear You speak to me in the rustle of the wind between the trees, in the crickets that chirp and the insects that make music in the late evening, singing a melody of your goodness and majesty. You are Here and I bask in Your presence and to me it’s pure bliss.

It’s dark now and I must go inside. I always feel so good and strong when we meet. Let’s do it again, shall we? Tomorrow won’t be too soon!


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