Providence and unexpected blessings

Today something really neat happened. On my drive to the office this morning I passed a vendor selling corn and mused to myself how nice it would be to have corn for dinner. I went to work, faced the day and gave no thought again about  corn. There’s a farmer and his mother close to my office and I’ve become close to them in the past couple years. They are some lovely, wholesome and good natured folk I can’t help but admire. Once a week I’m sure to receive a basket full of fresh fruits, vegetables and ground provisions from them and they get rather upset at me suggesting to pay them. I gave up on trying to give them money after the third basket a couple years ago, but I’m sure to remember their birthdays and get them Christmas gifts. They are my friends and don’t expect things in return, but I also want to feel like I’m giving, too.

Being a vegan I appreciate getting those baskets because I love to eat fresh. Yesterday he brought me a beautiful bunch of figs that I was ever so grateful for so I wasn’t expecting him today. I already got my once a week basket. Imagine my surprise when locking up the office for the evening I see my friend sauntering up the driveway with a basket of corn!

Isn’t God wonderful? He blows me away in the little things He does like this. You may call it a coincidence but I chose to believe it was one of those moments of Him providing in advance. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d be getting corn the same day I was musing on how much I wanted to have corn for dinner. Providence, indeed.


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